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About Linda

I have become a potter that loves this art form and all the possibilities it presents to be creative! Although I have taken classes in both wheel throwing and hand building, I fell in love with hand building from slabs because of the endless possibilities it presents. I like to create pieces that are both interesting and useful so I tend to create functional items. My favorite part of the process is decorating so I explore many techniques in the glazing process. Most of my pots are one of a kind creations as I don’t normally repeat the same exact piece even if it may be the same form, the glazing and decorating design will vary to keep me interested!

I am a California native living in San Diego since 1968, where I’ve raised my family. My husband Fred (the other half of Team Gregory Arts) of 30 years is also an artist who has inspired me for years with his many faceted talents in painting and repurposed whimsical clocks. We share our love of art as well as 4 children, 8 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren who have kept us busy over the years!

Having a background in the dance/art world since childhood and later in the design world as a display artist for kitchen and dining settings as well as a love for cooking, it seemed natural to be attracted to creating my own designs for use in the kitchen and dining experience as an outlet for my creative side.

My hope is that you will enjoy using my pottery as much as displaying it. I feel so honored when someone chooses my pottery to take home and make a part of their lives. It is the cherry on top for me!

Linda Gregory


About Fred

F.W. Gregory is a west coast artist who grew up in a small California town where you could ride your bike everywhere. His Grandmother was an accomplished ceramist and china painter. He spend many hours watching her create and glaze her creations.

He went on to graduate with a degree in Architecture with a minor in art. He sold his first painting and bronze casting in 1967. His passion for the outdoors and adventure has led him to sail and to live in French Polynesia for a year. He has found most of his art inspiration by sailing in California, Washington, Hawaii, Canada, British Columbia, Polynesia, and Mexico.

He is a dedicated husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather and currently lives in Southern California.

He painted in watercolors for 17 years and 30 years ago he switched to oil paintings, encaustic and whimsical/repurposed time pieces. He has continued to paint in all mediums in Plein air and studio.

His completed paintings, whimsical clocks and his wife Linda’s Pottery are part of collectors collections in the US and Abroad.

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